Service Areas

Commercial Transactions

RLS has extensive experience drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts in a range of sectors, as well as experience settling and litigating contract disputes. RLS has drafted and negotiated grant agreements on behalf of both donors and recipients (including complex and multi-party agreements), advised on structuring joint ventures and teaming arrangements, and assisted with contract training and drafting, procurement, and United States government contracting. RLS also assists clients with preparation and negotiation of commercial supply, purchase, employment, manufacturing, finance, lease, services, and other agreements.

Corporate Formation & Licensing

RLS assists companies with formation and initial registration in Afghanistan, restructuring, compliance, and succession issues. Our familiarity with the local business environment allows us to help our clients understand not just the potential scope of liabilities, but also those that are most likely to raise issues in the future and how those risks can be mitigated.

Tax Advisory and Compliance

RLS has an intimate understanding of the evolving tax environment in Afghanistan and its impact on taxpayers. RLS assists local and international companies and non-profits in dealing with complex issues surrounding tax disputes, withholding obligations, and international tax agreements (including the U.S. Bilateral Security Agreement, the NATO Status of Forces Agreement, and the USAID Strategic Objective Grant Agreements).

RLS’ tax engagements with clients run the full spectrum from initial advice on the Afghan corporate tax regime to full-scale management of our clients’ ongoing and annual tax filings.

In recent months, RLS has advised stakeholders on actual and proposed changes to the existing tax code and the implications for Afghan and international taxpayers.

Banking, Finance & Insurance

RLS has advised banks, insurance companies, and microfinance organizations on laws and regulatory changes, including specifically Central Bank regulations, impact analysis of proposed regulatory changes, debt securitization, mortgage deeds, and others

U.S. Government Contracting

RLS advises prime contractors and subcontractors on pre- and post-award U.S. government contracting issues, including proposal review, post-award negotiations, award protests, requests for equitable adjustment, negotiation of other cost claims, terminations for convenience and for cause, preparation and negotiation of termination settlements, and other contractual compliance issues. RLS also has experience litigating cases in the U.S. Armed Services Board of Appeals on behalf of Afghan contractors.

Dispute Resolution

RLS routinely advises clients on commercial disputes with an Afghan nexus, including disputes litigated in a variety of forums and jurisdictions. RLS’s partner, the Law Offices of Hushang Hafizi, has represented clients in Afghan court and provided Afghan legal advice for use in international arbitration. RLS has also represented clients in several administrative judicial procedures in the United States and internationally, including the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals (ASBCA), and has extensive experience in cross-cultural dispute resolution, including arbitration and mediation.

Labor & Employment

RLS has provided extensive labor law advice to a wide range of clients, including advising international government organizations on the applicability of labor law and salary withholding obligations, reviewing employment agreements, policies, and procedures for compliance with Afghan law, advising clients in connection with the resolution of labor disputes, and training organizations on issues of contract law and drafting, including employment contracting.

Non-profit Law

RLS has extensive experience working with non-profit organizations in Afghanistan, assisting with both general and non-profit specific compliance obligations, advising on registration and incorporation options, and reviewing and negotiating grant agreements.

Mergers & Acquisition

RLS has represented local and international buyers and sellers in all aspects of M&A transactions, including pre-deal advising, due diligence, document drafting, and registration of changes of ownership, shareholding, and officers.

Land Use & Property

RLS and The Law Offices of Hushang Hafizi have extensive experience in land title research, real property sale, purchase, and lease transactions. They also advise on the tax implications of real property transactions.

Public Private Partnerships

As part of its development agenda, the government of Afghanistan has entered into Private Public Partnerships (PPPs) with private sector companies. RLS provides advice on PPP agreements, structure, and project finance.

Criminal Law & Investigations

On behalf of our clients, RLS and the Law Offices of Hushang Hafizi have significant experience working with the Afghanistan Attorney General’s Office, as well as with U.S. and international investigatory bodies.

Logistics & Transportation

RLS focuses on private sector work relating to transportation agreements, customs, U.S. government transportation and logistics contracts, and specifically, dispute resolution relating to those projects.


RLS advises on telecommunications regulation in Afghanistan.

Intellectual Property

RLS and our local team in Kabul have assisted clients with trademark registration, and with combatting counterfeit imports. RLS has also advised on issues related to patent registration, and licensing and distribution agreements.

Minerals & Resources

RLS was part of a team that advised the Afghanistan Ministry of Mines on the exploration and exploitation license tender process, and has advised on other related regulatory changes.

Pro Bono

RLS has an abiding commitment to community service. Each year, RLS devotes many hours to pro bono projects that include advocating on behalf of low-income and underrepresented clients. Our AIBA-barred attorneys have taken cases involving fraud and forgery, forced marriage, unlawful imprisonment, and domestic disputes.