Kabul Model United Nations

RLS was pleased to sponsor the first Kabul Model United Nations conference that was held at the Serena Hotel on November 3rd and 4th. More than 200 young Afghans from around the country participated in the event, which was set up to provide an “authentic simulation” of the United Nations General Assembly and Security Council. One month prior to the conference, participants were assigned a country and asked to research its history and current political situation. At the assembly, participants provided recommendations and policy based on their research, and discussed how they could work together toward peace and prosperity.

Kabul Model United Nations was founded in 2014 by young Afghan leaders. Their mission is to provide a platform for academic discourse on peace building and democracy, to promote human rights and gender equality, and to address domestic and international matters of contemporary relevance. To learn more, visit their website: www.kabulmun.org.