Changes to Afghanistan’s Tax Law

RLS Partner Chantal Grut writes about changes to Afghanistan’s Tax Law in a recent article for Afghanistan Analysts Network. You can read the article here. An excerpt: “The 2009 Tax Law and its accompanying regulations were, and still are, a strong example of a law that was clearly drafted, accessible, and enforceable. When considering rule […]

The Trump Administration and Foreign Aid

Concerns that the Trump administration will dramatically cut foreign aid and withdraw from global development has many in the aid community on edge. Some fear that the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), with its $27.2 million annual budget, will be abolished completely, or diminished and folded into the State Department (The Guardian). As Foreign […]


Afghanistan Builders Association Special Meeting

On August 9, 2017, RLS associate Samem Jabarkhail attended the Afghanistan Builders Association Special Meeting. The event was largely celebratory, as the Board and members of the ABA showed their appreciation for the former President’s long-tenured stewardship. The Board has appointed Mr. Mowdood Popal as the acting President of the Association until elections are held […]

Asia Development Bank Seminar on Private Sector Operations

On July 31, RLS associate Jessica Wright attended the Asian Development Bank (“ADB”) seminar on Private Sector Operations. Around 50 people gathered at ADB’s Afghanistan Resident Mission to learn about ADB’s Private Sector Operations Department (“PSOD”), the ADB branch that seeks to identify commercially viable transactions that will generate financial returns for the bank and […]

New York City Marathon with Free to Run

On November 6, RLS associate Jessica Wright ran the New York City Marathon for Free to Run, an NGO that uses running, fitness, and adventure to empower and educate women and girls from conflict-affected communities. Free to Run is active in Afghanistan where they host after school athletic programs and community athletic events. In November, […]