Rosenstock Legal Services (“RLS”) is a legal consulting practice founded in Kabul in 2008 with offices in the Shahr-e-Naw neighbourhood of Kabul, Afghanistan. As a commercial and civil legal consultancy, RLS advises clients in entity formation, transactional matters, early stage dispute resolution and, through our team of locally qualified attorneys, on matters of Afghan law including family law, registration, taxation, employment law, litigation and other interaction with Afghan government departments.

RLS’s Core Principles are:

  • Providing clients with international calibre legal services applicable to the Afghan environment;
  • Helping Afghan companies do business with the international community on an equal footing; and
  • Contributing to the development of the private and legal sectors in Afghanistan.

RLS has worked with dozens of international companies, including some listed in the Fortune 500, to enable them to do business in Afghanistan while remaining consistent with international best practices such as the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the British Bribery Act, and other moral and ethical obligations. We have a strict anti-corruption policy and safeguards, and regularly provide anti-corruption training, both internally and externally.

RLS has also helped numerous Afghan companies secure justice in their relations with international organizations, including through trainings, pro bono work, and through representing Afghan companies in negotiations and disputes with organizations from other jurisdictions.

RLS and our lawyers maintain close professional relationships with the Afghanistan Independent Bar Association, and a wide network of colleagues in private practice around the country.